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Like many great ideas, T&S IMPACT was found by serendipity when I was talking with some friends about the outraging costs that the airlines were charging for carry-ons and the many restrictions that they were beginning to implement. “Wouldn’t it be great if there was a jacket that can become a carry-on?” I thought. And from there the idea began to develop in my mind without giving me a lull until finally I decided to manufacture myself the first prototype along with my wife Ligia. We started the action, we went to buy a home sewing machine, some fabrics and materials, and started creating our first garment, it was a vest. It wasn’t the most stylish one, but it had the concept that we wanted to create.

Little by little the idea grew and took a more ambitious form, we saw that the garment could be used for many other purposes, not just for traveling, so we began to add features and to improve the design. But although I have been working in the textile industry since 1979 it was mainly in the design of fabrics and sales areas and Ligia worked many years ago in clothing factories, we lacked the necessary experience to design and manufacture clothing. Then we decided to look for a formal way to create a fully functional prototype.

The invention is protected by patents
U.S. Pat. No. 10,455,873 and No. 11,452,363.